My Own Business

Entrepreneurship for the Masses

Looking for an incredible resource to explore new business models? We will help you scope the challenge and start the engines to design and deliver your future venture. As part of this, we will take a concept through weekly sprints and validate customer desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility. The result of this is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be launched internally or as a stand-alone startup.


Focus on the plan

The 'Audition' is the starting-point of every new project or venture. Fill in the Audition and we'll give you our feedback in return for free. 

Final Casting

Focus on the team

The person that delivers an idea often needs other people to make the plan a reality. We help you to define and find your key team members.


Focus on the preparation

We help entrepreneurs with a well-tested plan that includes all documents that are of relevance to build up a company.


Focus on the execution

We have the infrastructure available to allow every team to work on the plan and to deliver swift results successfully.